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The Russians Are Coming

Or 八国联军 Baguolianjun – the Eight Power Allied Force is coming?

Wow .. I’m surprised at the speed of Klee’s reply.

After this incident, I think I’d better sticking my head in front of my computer 24/7 as long as I’m on an USTA league. Geeeeeee .. Come to think of it, Klee didn’t leave too much time for reply: his complaints landed in my email box on 4/6, at 4:29pm and 4:52 and he demanded a reply by 4/9 at 12pm and 4pm respectively, less than three days. Just wondering: what IF the recipients aren’t nerds who only check their emails weekly?

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A few hours in the sun

It’s an absolutely a gorgeous day out there. My teammates trickled on to the court one by one. One of the teammates brought her date to the practice. As it turned out, it’s CJ Papa, a sportscaster who covers Islanders on radio. Hmmmmmm … He’s much better looking than the skinny woman who covers Islanders game on tv. Pls replace her !!

What’s going on with the Islanders?

Charles Wang is regretting ever bought this ice hockey team?

Off the ice, things are an absolute mess, unless you consider the development of Islanders Entertainment a big win. If you’re wondering what DiPietro has been up to lately, just visit the Islanders Entertainment web site, where you’ll see him on video extolling the virtues of the product, which is basically tickets to shows combined with a hotel room and breakfast.

Islanders to Broadcast Games on College Radio Station ..

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Queens Mixed Playoff

2010 Metro USTA Leagues Queens Mixed Playoff Regulations
Gee, the Rules wasn’t enough?

usta Q playoff10qnsmxd

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