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Are we being toyota’d?

The fact that Toyota has over taken the three musketeers de Detroit becoming the Number One has not lost on any of us. The fact that Toyota soon was engulfed in the massive recall of its cars, competed with drama on the freeway (my heart goes to the San Diego family) and in Washington DC. Is someone not playing by the rule of fairness? I hope not. But my friend who’s lives in China is an engineer think so. She said there is NO perfect car, all cars have fault, some big and some small.
“What are you talking about?” I asked.
Although we were on the phone over the Pacific Ocean or oceans that I don’t know how the waves/cables are routed, I could see her rolling her eyes in resignation.
So many (can’t say the rest of the world since I haven’t had the chance calling every nation ..) have believed US isn’t playing nice and fair. I never ventured toward that corner over Toyota’s recent happenings because I thought better of USA.

The steep price comes with being number one, or my team being the new kids on the block having a perfect season?

Lost out to the little Japs? Then change your business models, innovate, cut down the fat. This is the flat world now. Holding on to your old winning formula is only digging your own grave deeper.

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