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USTA rating

USTA used to offer rating session at NTC but no longer did which’s a shame; inconvenient many players who would rather be ‘certified’ by a NTC pro to ride doubts and whispers.

Sandy said 10 years ago she joined the league and was desperate wanted to be a 3.5 to play on the 3.5 team she desired. But unfortunately the pro would only issue her a 3.0 card. Couple of years ago, one day she was cleaning the house and saw the card again; debated as to keep it or toss it into the garbage can. No she didn’t remember which way the card went: up in the shelf or down in the can.
Self Rate Guide
Usta Self Rate Guide

Self Rate Questionnaire

USTA Self Rate Questionnaire

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The Tiger Bubble

Tiger made the PGA tour; brought lot$ of $$ to the tour; benefit many journeymen but at the same time, stiffen the competition. ..

A friend said Tiger is his idol. I thought he’s so pugilistic and cynical. .. .. Why? .. His reason is: Tiger is the best golfer out there who tried to have sex with everyone. Ok, that explains it.

Apparently Tiger’s huge sexual appetite is inherited from his father, Earl Woods. Vanity Fair went the other way, the sexier way. Talked to his mistresses. A loveless marriage?

Watching him play, it really is an enjoyment. Effortless. Gracious. Elegant. Mustn’t we get into his bedroom? This tiger is being hunted relentlessly.

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USTA Grievance Complaint form

Oh boy .. the form that get many in trouble or weeding out cheaters.

USTA Grievance complaint

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