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Bad behavior

Or bad manner?
Few weeks ago at the NTC, we got onto the court when its our time. The previous groups, about 8 men and 1 woman did not leave immediately. They gathered on the alley between our court and the adjacent court and talked.

DSCN8592 DSCN8596

Five minutes passed. There wasn’t a sign of leaving. Because of their large number of people, it was kind of dangerous for all of us.
I went over asked them to leave. The sole lady gave me a dirty look.
10 minutes elapsed and the talk was still going strong.
I went over again, asking them please leave. She looked at me and asking
“What’s the big deal ??”
I called the USTA ..
Finally they left at 16 minutes pass the hour. One lone guy would remain bit longer to change flaunt his awesome bod with extra 50 pounds.
IF the lady said something like, “oh .. just one more second and we’re leaving .. ” when I first asked, I won’t get up set. I’d picture myself probably telling her “oh .. go ahead and finish your business .. ” but instead she and her group completely ignored us.

Dec 6As it happened, I ran into the woman yesterday at the Eastern year end holiday party, when new skipper was inaugurated and where grants were handed out. So she must be an active member of the local tennis community .. hence she should know the etiquette of the game? Or might not? Even if she doesn’t, don’t we all have decency and common sense? No? Am I asking for too much?

The fifth match of the season had completed and my team walked away with 9 points, barely enough to keep us in the first place, for the time being.

I checked 6 teams’ total number of player vs self rated players, as of today:
1 … 12/5
2 … 18/1
3 … 16/6
4 … 21/2
5 … 18/0
6 … 13/6

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