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A miler

I did a mile in the pool last night:
40 laps free straight in 25 min
22 laps mixed back and breast
10 laps free in under 6 minutes
Feeling great !! It’s so cold out there..
Golfer was skating in the rink. The complex is new and nicely designed, except both lockers are way way too small, as if added on as second thought. The rink is a standard size, with seating and it is warm !! By 10pm a local recreational league began to play. The red team has 3 Asians: goalie wears 88 jersey, 72 Ju and 11 (or something) .. The black team is pretty good. We left after the red team failed to score on a penalty shot and black made a nice pass and score the night first goal.
Charles B. Wang 王嘉廉 Islanders is at the bottom of the league, his practice rink in Syosset is bit ran down. Most Islanders fans couldn’t wait for him to sell the team to the Russian Mikhail Prokhorov who just became the majority owner of NJ Nets. Wang doesn’t like to pay his players… the one he paid handsomely wasn’t a good player .. Wang might have acquired the team in tandem with LI real estate. The LI local governments and politicians have denied his propose over the years. Wang must feel unappreciated and unloved.

UNIONDALE, N.Y. — The New York Islanders have no plans to relocate to Quebec, or anywhere else, at this point. But if the team decides to pack up, fans of the former Nordiques would gladly welcome them north of the border.

Bus loads carrying about 1,100 hockey enthusiasts — who call themselves Nordiques Nation — trekked to Long Island to see the Islanders host the Atlanta Thrashers on Saturday night. They want to prove to NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman that Quebec deserves a new team.

Bus load of fans came from Quebec, where it doesn’t have a hockey team and wanted one.

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