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USTA National Open Indoor Championships

Assume .. One of my partners asked me if I’d like to play mixed in a tourney in Dec. I said fine. file 22924
Well, I assumed it’s a regular tourney where few friends get together battling each other out.
As it turned out, its the USTA National Men’s, Women’s & Mixed Open Indoor Championships, held at NTC Dec 26-31, 2010.
First of all, I don’t belong there.
Second of all, I don’t belong there.
Thirdly, IDBT



Wah was at NTC, he said it’s serious stuff there, most people look like they are pros

Oh well .. Our opponents were a teenage girl with a hard serving man perhaps in his mid 20s. Our match started sharp at 6pm and it’s over by 6:40. We were sent off the court with 2 and 0. By the way, he never once hit to me. Nice kid, thanks a lot.

big serve


There are also aging people the club players who just want to try it out. Reportedly the winners get to play in the Challenge or Satellite circuit. My partner who’s 29 years old whose partner in men’s doubles is a lawyer in his late 20s or early 30s.

The big server. As I was watching this doubles game, I was thinking, geeeee .. I hope he isn’t going to play mixed, at least not to be my our opponent.


The girls .. funny the net between the courts were on when the girls were playing but they were all off when the men’s doubles took place. It was off when we played. I couldn’t tell who’s stronger crop of players, they or the college kids

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