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A stormy night turns into a bright sunny day

Tuesday evening started out unsuspiciously normal and peace. I picked up my racket that was being restrung for $20, did my round of grocery shopping in Flushing. Picked out dishes for the dinner and I even managed to sneak in a few dumplings – my favored dill.
Then we boarded the chauffeured luxury bus headed to our 7th match at Roosevelt Island.
The forecast said snow was coming but there was very little by 9pm.
The standing of our division as of last Friday was as follow (matches played) points earned:

  1. Team 1 Eng (6) 53.5
  2. Team 4 McConway (6) 50
  3. Team 6 Rosenberg (6) 45.5
  4. Team 2 Kende/Vogy (5) 42.5
  5. Team 5 Kim/Seto (7) 42.5
  6. Team 3 Cuthbert (8) 13

Kai and I played first doubles. One light was out on our corner court so we had to move to another court to start the match. We won the toss so I opted to serve then promptly lost it. 兵败如山倒 defeated army retreat like a mountain collapsing, we lost first set in a few minutes. The guy was just too good with his huge serve and strong forehand. What’s more? I kept on doing the wrong thing, feeding him one point after another… to a point that the bald eagle offered to buy me a dinner …. JK. Our second D wasn’t doing well either. The only winning pair was our third D. They were leading 8:1 in the final set super tie break. Then they allowed the opponents to catch up to 8:6 ..
Golfer asked me where I was and Pumpkin kept on sending I love you note and get home safely .. I was musing on the way back: were we all nuts or what, on a stormy evening, so late into the night … couldn’t we just stay home and have a drink?

As of today, all teams in our division have played 7 matches except Team 3 who had 9. The new world raking is ..

  1. T2 – 57.5
  2. T1 – 56.5
  3. T4 – 54
  4. T6 – 53.5
  5. T5 – 42.5
  6. T3 – 22

So, it’s going to be a close race, very exciting! I had my swim in early this morning. I had the pool to myself really. The only two other swimmers were at the free swim side (shallow pool). So I did 40 laps without a single interruption (errrrr … in 25 minutes – I’m getting old and slow). So I’m ready to take on the world.

Tomorrow is another day anyway.

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