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Monks and water

To drink water one should carry it by himself, to drink water two would carry it together. Unfortunately, there would have no water if there are three people.
This saying implies when there are too many people involved in one task without clear definition as who is doing what, the matter ends up unaccomplished.

At USTA league, the rule says that the captions should confirm match few days prior and should enter the score within 24 hours upon the conclusion. Well, most captains were really good, always do it but there are few who don’t. And I think some time one captain might think the other is doing it hence s/he isn’t doing it .. To eliminate the confusion or expectation, the league should just make it clear which team is doing what. Make the loser entering the score seems compounding the sorrow .. so let the winning captain to relive the joy once more 🙂

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My two cents

Being new and fresh, here are few of my thoughts ..

  1. Make the language straightforward
  2. Auto fills the Q16
  3. 4.5 plays as 4.0 due to year end rating
  4. You can’t really search me on the site because my last name has only 3 letters – 4 letters is the min
  5. Be a hardened computer-rated veteran to go onto the Championship level
  6. 3 strikes you’re out .. make putting up an illegal pairing a strike
  7. The home team captain to confirm the court and winning team captain enter the score

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