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It ain’t over till the fat lady sings

It ain’t over until the fat lady sings ..
I’ll mull this over and over for a while.
Second string for our 9th match of the season. Our opponents were he 4.0/she 3.0 combo. During the warm up, he hit so hard that I called him to the net and joked begged for my little dear life:
“Please don’t kill me.” ha ha ha .. very funny.
Somehow we played well and won the first set at 6-4. Then she was severing at 2-4. I played aggressive, hit a smart backhand and .. .. we suddenly put ourselves in a pretty secure position: they were 0:40.
What happened next?
Lord knew.
We lost that game.
Change over.
I was severing.
For the first time, I couldn’t hold.
The 4.0 killer took next game pretty easily.
At change over, Kai said … “.. oh .. I have to hold .. ” because it’s 10:21. Only 4 minutes remained before the cut off time.
For some reasons unbeknown to me, my mind wasn’t at the court.
We watched a point being played at Court 6. The girl hit a deep shot to the ad court. It’s a very close and my girl called it out. Court 6 change over ensured. Our opponents disagreed on the call and the 4.0 Killer went on to their court telling them the ball landed on line; and he even questioned my guy at water fountain as he was getting a drink.
Hmmmm .. .. not a good right thing to do. I said nothing because the atmosphere was very relaxed and friendly last night. Thanks to all players. On our court, no bad calls on my part (great). Oh, wait, actually there were two out calls I didn’t yell out when Kai was expecting me to shout (not good) .. and he constantly had to save me from behind (when I was too lazy to even try .. .. super bad).
It was an enjoyable match but .. we lost the second set at 4-6. Time was up.
I felt yucky and kicked myself well into the wee hours. I’m speed dialing my shrink now.

Missed opportunity. It’s ours match to lose and we lost it.

Does everyone grab the opportunity by the neck whenever, as in life? It’s the mental part of it separates the good and the better, from time to time. The great has it together all the time.

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