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Updated Eastern League Regulations

Yes yes yes: my wish has come true today.

The Eastern Regulations are attached. Please note that there has been a change to the Mixed Doubles regulations:

“Early Start Leagues (leagues that begin before 2011 year end ratings are published) will use 2011 Early Start computer ratings (as of September 1, 2011) for players for their mixed local season as well as mixed championships. The date a player registers for an Early Start League will determine the rating used for early start league play. If a player registers for an Early Start League before year end ratings have been published, they will be allowed to finish the league season with the early start rating they had at the time they registered unless their 2011 year end rating reaches the “clearly above level mark”. If the year-end rating is higher than the rating used to register for the Early Start League AND the year end rating is ‘clearly above level’ then the player must move up to the higher level immediately. Matches already played will be valid. If a player registers for an Early Start League after year-end ratings have been published, that player must use their final year-end rating for the Early Start League”.

This change will pose issues for a few teams. Those players affected by the new regulations will be notified individually, with the captain on copy.

In order to provide teams the opportunity to make necessary adjustments, we will be re-opening registration to all teams starting tomorrow night. Registration will close on January 1st.

Roster size will be increased to 24 players to accommodate these new regulations.

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The new caste

For those who doesn’t know USA, often say Americans aren’t class conscious. True they don’t have a monarchy or royal lords like many old Europa but the Yankees have been creating new kind of classes everywhere. I saw this Islanders pass access at the Coliseum:

Call it economic caste or whatever, it is everywhere in USA. The other day, I saw Cathay Pacific is promoting their premium economy class: first few rows of the mass seating section. For those who couldn’t afford Business but willing to pay little extra?

Anyway. We played our first re-scheduled match (3D rescheduled):
1D: 6-2, 6-1
2D: 6-3, 6-1
3D: 3-6, 5-7

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