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I never doubt that Giants won’t win over Jets.
A close game but they made it look easily, in the end.

How many fans are like me regretting over the fact that Plaxico Burress chose to play for the Jets instead his old team after he came out of the jail?

I’m surprised that Giants even considered to take him back, well, sort of. I thought Giants is kind of the team seems trying to avoid any controversy issue at any cost. Like pretty clean, principled. BUT Burress is a great player, so they bend a little, tried to get him back.

Burress said he was disappointed that during his rough time, the team, especially Eli Manning didn’t show any support.

My impression of Eli is, he’s a low key guy, trying to avoid any media attention.

I guess that Burress made an emotional decision to play for the Jets instead of the Giants. Reportedly coach Tom Coughlin talked to him after his prison time ended. A mistake? After today’s game, I’d say becasue Mark Sanchez just couldn’t get the little ball to Burress but Eli can.

Decision and decision: we all have to make it [often] and live with the consequences.

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