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Hot pot for hot shots

Fukuoka Shabu Shabu
hot pot
45-68 Kissena Blvd
Flushing, NY 11355
(718) 661-1616

Street parking is not easy but manageable. There are kids, pretty noisy. Good meat, ingredients are fresh. The dark rice vinegar is bad, a fake one. $22 pp with Bek Se Ju 100 years old liquor (abt $10) and a Corona.

Only two hot shots showed up for work, we have a three some. Thanks Tony.

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Lipa COO resigns

After 10,000 signatures over the storm Sandy… we’ve got some accountability!

Today’s Wall Street Journal is reporting that Governor Cuomo is ordering an investigation of utilities post-Sandy. No doubt related, LIPA’s COO Michael Hervey resigned today.

Now we need to make sure Gov. Cuomo keeps the heat on LIPA. You can do that by calling his office at 518-474-8390 and telling him “Please keep pushing to make sure LIPA cleans up their act.”

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Ok, our first match is rescheduled

Due to the storm Sandy, our first match in both leagues were canceled. The Long Island region was hit particularly hard, rendered many players/teams under the water, metaphorically and figuratively. Many emails ensued, trying to decide to play or not to play. Many feel tennis will give the players a temporarily relief for two hours while others couldn’t even think about it. The LI league has decided to go forward, but makes it clear, take your time to reschedule – you don’t have to play the match now. Manhattan league has offered to opt out after the storm, but no team has taken that offer, I think.

I’ve informed all the teams that would play us at our home base that alternative location at Roslyn will be used, because GNE is under the water and could not be back on its feet for a month or so. The first match team’s captain said her mates are all affected. Initially, she said let’s get couple of dates to see if we both could make it. I told her to pick a date since I’m sure we’re pretty much available. When I heard nothing from her, I called. She said she’ll get back to me yesterday morning but didn’t; I called her yesterday late afternoon. She has a pair ready to go and herself. All she needs is a guy to make two courts. As of today, I only have 10 players, three 3.5 girls. So we agreed to play this Sunday. She’ll let me know 2 courts or 3 courts.

Having been in the dark for 13 days, I very much sympathize with her. After hanging up the phone, I feel bit like a jerk for pushing her, while she still works out of Starbucks. My players are all anxious to start to play, even we look very weak at the moment: three 3.5 girls only one 4.5 guy. Don’t know what to do with Dan the 3.5 and the 4.0s. This is our first 8.0.

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Have you sent?

The courts have been hard to come by. Players after players are asking if I’ve send out invitation.

Yes. I did. But only to the players on my teams because, the SNT is primarily for my teams. We have to share the 8 courts evenly with another group. Every week the spots were taken within a few hours. I’d invite the entire group if any spot left by Wednesday. The limited courts has been the biggest problem so far. The other group promises me that they’ll let us have their unused court by Thursday. We’ll see.
It was a lot more courts for the past few seasons when Salil was managing it. Now we’re sharing, basically with the same group (perhaps bit smaller). Everyone in the group will get invited when there are spots open. You just have to act very fast.

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The golf courses and tennis courts

  • Bethpage Black: green $150, club rental $40, ele cart 18 hole $34
  • Bethpage Red: $96
  • Long Island National golf club: $59?
  • Montauk Downs, state park: $96, club $34, cart $17 single $34 double
  • Harbor Links: $113, car $22 pp

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A sponsor, and the rules

Wow, the mixed doubles scorecard has a sponsor now. Wondering what if I forget to use it? Penalty?

Ok, here is our 2013 Manhattan Mixed Doubles Season Local Rules. Be sure to read it.

Registration deadline: 15 December 2012

All fees must be paid in full by 25 November 2012

The points awarded are:

1D = 6pts
2D = 4pts
3D = 3pts

Nov 27, fm the coordinator:

For the Manhattan league – everyone who registers before the year-end ratings are released play with their early start league throughout the season. If they register after year-end’s are released – they play under their year-end rating — it’s the rating at the time of registration.

The exception is as follows:

“Players who are found to have valid computer ratings, after the appeal process, that place them above the NTRP level at which they are competing may continue their participation at the lower NTRP level UNLESS their year-end rating reached the clearly above level mark. If it did, they must adjust to that new NTRP level. Prior team matches played will be valid.”

So someone who registered with an ESR of 3.5 but gets a year-end 4.0 — showing they are a mid-to-high level 4.0 will have to adjust to the new rating. Last year this affected about 6 players.

The affected captains and players will be notifed as soon as possible. Everyone else continues to play at the rating at the time of registration.

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Equinox, the troubled water

Oct 29, 2012, the first night of a long black out

Oct 29, 2012, the first night of a long black out

I take up the week long trial membership at Equinox, the second time, due to Sandy’s black out.

I can’t speak for the classes but nothing really has changed since the day they opened. I took their week long trial membership when they first opened door in 2006, at the time I did nothing except swimming. The first few days the water was great, cool and empty. I was in heaven and about to join. Then suddenly the water temperature jumped up, feeling like in a Jacuzzi (ok, a little over board .. ). I went to the reception desk asking why.  The girl said with relief,
“Oh the water heater finally worked today.”
“Oh …. ” I was very disappointed. Thought the cold temperature in the pool WAS their normal ..
“You can always leave a comment if it’s too cold.”
NO NO NO, it’s way too hot.

Nov 4, 2012

Nov 4, 2012

I didn’t leave any comment because I knew I could not fight the tide: this is a club, swimming isn’t really their main course. The pool is most likely be used by classes / weekend hackers who prefer (I’m sure on this) hotter water.
I was right.
I didn’t join, continued my swim elsewhere, in the real pools where the water temperature is appropriate for lap swimming.

The pool at the club, oddly, it’s on the second floor, and often leaked. I asked their skipper why. He said, the design was intended to accommodate the yoga studio – the main floor down is used for more physical activities – which, produces more noise – we can hear it clearly during our yoga class.

IMG_2217 2013.12.26 IMG_2216 IMG_2253 equi pool 2013.12.31

A few years has passed since. The cleaning crew is still very diligently at sweeping off customers’ sweat the moment it lands on the floor. The water in the pool is still hot.
Now without electricity, the club has becoming a refugee center – we need a shower? Go to the club. Phone needed to be charged? Go to the club. Need warmth?
Well, you can figure that out, without a hint -:)

IMG_2256 yoga IMG_2254

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GNE finally called

More than a week after stormy Sandy, our home base finally returned my calls, from Cunningham Park, that the club is under the water, 3 feet deep, need another 2-3 weeks time to get ready. They deflected the bubble before the storm, so the damage is only flooding to the courts and club house. I went there on Wednesday, Oct 31 when I couldn’t confirm if the courts were usable for Friday.

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