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QB Tom Brady, 19:17

Today, it has to be the Tampa Bay day. Rays plays at Yankee, and the most anticipated game is Tom Brady (1977-) goes home, to play his New England Patriots. Holy cow.

After 20 seasons (2000-2019) and won six Super Bowl, NEP kicked him away. However, he didn’t want to retire so moved south to Tampa. Unfortunately for the NEP, he won his seventh on his first season with Buccaneers. Can one imagine that feast? Also at old age of 43!

He would have won more but Eli Manning (1981-) took his only two championship away from him. Brade, 6’4″, was drafted in 2000, round 6 (pick 199) while Manning, 6’5″, in 2004 as the #1, drafted by the San Diego but he want to play for NY Giants. Make the story short, he came to New York (2004-19) and won us two super bowl.

🏈 19:17 👏🏻

昨天最期待的赛事是🏈 QB Tom Brady 1⃣️ 四分卫汤姆 布雷迪 (1977-) 打他的老东家the New England Patriots 新英格兰爱国者队.
话说老布效劳新英格兰爱国者队20季(2000-19) 赢了六个超级碗 (价值最高的牛仔队60多年才赢了五个)后, 人老珠黄被踢出局了.
俺倒是觉得从一而终一个球队 是🐂事.
不过老布另有想法. 不甘寂寞+他巴西模特媳妇2⃣️ 也支持, 结果南下 去了佛州Tampa. 小打小闹立马赢了一个超级碗: 新东家的第二个, 他自己的第七个.
哎 有人欢乐有人悲 😵‍💫

小插曲: 老布虽然所向披靡 但是有一个蛮小子是他的克星

俺纽约巨人队四分卫 Eli Manning 3⃣️ 伊莱 蛮宁 (1981-), 赢了二个超级碗. 嗯 猜对了 是硬生生从老布手里抢走的. 还记得布模特老婆发飙爆粗口 草草草的吗?
小蛮的故事也挺多. 他老爸 大哥(也赢了二个超级碗)都是四分卫. 蛮毕业后可是香饽饽, 享受第一个被签走的荣誉. 可惜愣头青蛮小伙不喜欢签他的圣地亚哥队, 一哭二喊三上吊的要来纽约的巨人队. 也是醉. 从2004-19 给了我们二个冠军 嘻嘻 谢谢.

希望老布继续赢 [强]

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Yankees vs Tampa Bay Rays, 1:0

1 E 161 Street
Bronx, NY 10451

My first time to Yankee Stadium, attending the last regular season game against Tampa Bay Rays. It’s a must win for Yanks (92-70), which they did, and meaningless one for Rays (100-62), which is the best in baseball this season (they won AL Pennants last year, 2020). It’s a boring game because only one run scored by the Yanks, which tied them with Boston Red Sox – they’ll play one game to decide the wild card into the playoff. It’s a boring game, only one run scored by the Yanks. We left at the bottom of 7th inning and, then stood to watch a few seconds more when Rays was in the scoring position.

The stadium was built in 2009, costing $2.3 billion ($1.2 b is from public subsidies). The surrounding area is slightly better than Shea/Citifield, but without much potential for betterment, where as Mets @ Flushing, I’m still hopeful that Mets’ could make their home a great place to be.

Our gear arrived in time for the game. We only spotted one couple with Rays caps – we’re in the sea of Yankee fans. The thick and sturdy road side bars are for safety?


Babe Ruth (1895-1948) was once a Yankee. What did they do in 1949 and 1961? The street vendors sell water for $2 a bottle. The next generation of baseball players!


Forbes ranking rates Dallas Cowboys, NY Yankees and Knicks as the top three most valuable teams ($5+ in billion.

目测 戴养鸡🧢 的中国人多过其它任何一个队 不知道为什么. 最近五年价值最高的职业队是达拉斯的小牛队🏈 养鸡屈居小二, 虽然养鸡赢了27个🥎冠军 牛5才个🏈冠军. 不过鸡队的建队时间比牛长一倍. 挺怀念🐔队的前乔治 Steinbrenner (1930-2010), 和大嘴巴 床铺有一拼.
为了来看这场比赛 特意买了TB的🧢.
七个inning 没有一个run, 🥱

By the way, Tom Brady plays his old New England Patriots

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