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Only 5 players showed up for work tonight.  When there is too many people around at the badminton, you’ll have to wait for your turn.  But when there isn’t, you don’t get pump up as much.  It’s only Simon and I.  We played for a good 20 minutes before Sammy and his wife showed up.  Then John.  So Simon and I played 4 sets against Sam/John.  Was good.  We lost 2nd set (was down 12:1 but  we chased hard, lost 15:9 eventually) and won the rest.

It’s humid and hot.  During the water break, John talked about his daughter who’s going to college next Sept.  She wants to go to Harvard, “she likes the atmosphere of Boston..  but she won’t do any extra preparation .. has too many other obligations at school.”  Although she had perfect scores on SAT II, but only has 2100 on SAT.  “I’m thinking NYU or Cooper Union .. .. but if the tuition is an upward $40k at NYU, then I’d rather it be Harvard .. but I don’t think she can get in ..”  Whatever, I’m just listening. 

Boston is a great city, a college town.  It’s my distant #2 choice after NY to live.  Heidelberg is another cool college town, so is Cambridge (UK).   Geneva is also a good place to live, it has water for summer and ski is just short drive in the winter time .. but for a Chinese or Asian in that matter, US beats out Europe by a large margin.

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Eli Manning had a great game yesterday, but Giants still lost.  We all miss the charming Tiki, who speaks well.  One day last week, I heard Billie Jean King was commentating at the Open, thank god the network didn’t offer her a regular job.  It’s terrible.

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FedEx pocketed $1.4m from the US Open easily, plus another $1m as bonus.  A buddy of mine decided to work there every year since his second year playing tennis.  It’s been 4 years in a row.  Each year he has to apply, felt lucky being chose.  This year his job was crowd control.  Working 2 weeks straight.  He has a 5 years old daughter. Works full time in IT.  ‘How many vacation do you get each year?’  3 weeks.  How’s pay at the Open .. $2k to 3k?  With overtime yes.  Gosh.  That’s stingy.  I sometime feel those organizations exploit its core fans.  But this is a free world, you do what you like to.  Exploit isn’t the right word when the takers are doing it willingly and happily.

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Playing hard ball

I played a relative mistake free match with Simon against Bob and Peter.  I choked 3 points in the tie break = lost.  When the ball comes fast and furious, I seem to have a better answer for it than when it’s soft, I mostly don’t know what to do, with too much time on hand.  Story of my life.

Anyway, I went to shopping again afterward.  Don’t I hate shopping?  Yes I do, still do.  But greens are different, :).  When I came home, Golfer went like, ‘no plant today?’ and commented that he’s surprised I bought an orchard to begin with for it’s very fragile and difficult to take care.  “Mom, you went over your head” King added.  Don’t I know my own limit?  LOL.

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Man vs boy

Joker is being destroyed, was up 4:1 in the second, ended up losing it too.  I miss Sampras very much, for his serve and volley style of play.  So did Becker.  One year he stubbornly stayed by the baseline and won the championship.  I found that amazing.  FedEx is only few years older, but looks very mature, is the man in the two when Joker acting like a little boy.  Quiet man with deep voice is very sexy.  Sampras is very sexy.  My grammar is good here, right?  FedEx is somewhat sexy, I don’t like his giggles, doesn’t sound very cool, coming from a man.

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The closer

Djokovic Joker 地包天 had 5 chances at 6:5, but couldn’t close, went on to lost the set.  A lot like Eliot Spitzer, who rarely could close a case that made huge headline on Wall Street while as the attorney general of NY, i.e. Frank Quattrone, whom he tried and re-tried – still couldn’t close.  Many careers had been ruined.  I had reservation on him from the start: he seemed to have strong political aspiration, with an affluent background, he turned on to his fellows of those he would rely on to raise money for public office.  Was it a stun?  In comparison, Rudy Giuliani seems cleaner.  Ok, let’s keep it simply, go back to tennis.  The announcers commented that the last 14 players who won the first set, had ultimately won the championship.

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I’ll have a nightmare

I’m glad that the 5’5″ biker won it again.  Her serve is not my favored, but the rest of her game is, especially her fluid single hand backhand – simply beautiful; should charge the net more!!!  Her opponent, the fake blond is just ..  every time there is close up of her, I have to look away to avoid having a nightmare tonight!  The biker’s outfit is baggy and the fake blond’s too tight which made her look like a sausage.  Little biker took home $1.4m for 6:1 and 6:3, less than 2 hours.  They should play 5 sets too!

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Which one would you pick?

cimg8364.JPGWhich one is more attractive to you???  Sandy’s orchard or Djokovic the Joker 地包天??   In light of my tennis misery, afraid that I’m developing a hobby – think of that, a hobby! – which is totally unexpected .. horticulture..  gosh my family is also in shock. 
Do I need a new interest?!?!  djokovic.jpgJust can’t image that I’m doing those sissy thing.  My eyes are glued to plants and flowers, check them out, buying .. the orchard (was it an orchard??  The bamboos are still alive .. in case you’re wondering of their fates … phew ..) I bought a month ago had died already, pretty much the same time that Sandy bought hers – look at it, her flowers are fat, juicy, and sitting pretty.  
Few weeks ago, Xiao Ping who has green thumb walked in and said,
“What? they all died!  How pitty.” 
She was sort amused that I’m doing those things now.  Yes, pitiful.  I just bought 2 more.  One is Cyclamen, I have no idea what it is, how to nurse it, except it needs sun  .. Golfer had always wanted to have a flower garden (for me to read my magazines and newspaper, lol) but due to lack of sunlight…  I’m buying things that requires full sunshine, neat.  What was I thinking???  
Back to US Open, Joker just won the semi.  To celebrate his win, he took off his shirt, so did his dad who also rally his friends on the stand to do so.  Ok, Dad, pls keep your shirt on.  Wondering IF  he beats FedEx tomorrow, is he going to strip?  Down to what?? :))

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Patience 屡教不改

One moment of patience may ward off great disaster. One moment of impatience may ruin a whole life.  A Chinese proverb.

I finally got a chance to practice my serve with new grip and arm twisting.  Even was only one hopper, but it’s good.  I’ve been serving that way, but during crucial moment, I’d resort back to my flat serve.

Jonathan and I lost to SAndy 6:3.  I said we’ll try to win once before winter sets in.  John is nice, never loses his cool, even when I make the stupidest mistake, over and over again.  Not even flinching.  Later Simon and I played Bob and Andy, lost 6:0.  I’ll hate to make excuses, but I was tired and my thighs are extremely painful, since last week.  Don’t even remember what cause that.  Anyway, Tony came as we were chatting and drinking, Simon was dishing his zillion-time advice to me, Tony said, “Simon, you’re a saint, a very patient man.  You’ve been playing with her since last year ..  I know this even I only played with her twice ..”  Simon laughed and took a drag at his little cigarette, “Sunny played with her even longer, and he said he wants nothing to do with her any more.”  Last time Simon joked to Golfer that he’s going to dump me soon if I don’t change.  Lord, isn’t tennis just for fun?  Do I really want that 4.0?  Can I play it like fun game without using my brain?  Lou walked in as they were Irene trashing, he defended me a little: we had a good game last night.  Each person has different take on my game, provides me with very different advice.  Sunny’s – keep you eye on the ball, don’t jump.  Simon says hit deep, lob.  Xiao Lee picks my jumping right away, shifting your weight.  Lou has his favored 1, 2, 3 method, only if I could remember.  Seriously, I get ready, wrist my grip, turn my body and shoulder .. all in preparation for a simply fore or backhand during couple of seconds of time.  Oh, I never shift my weight.  That’s a grave mistake.  Simon picks on my doubles game than my form more.  Why do I still love playing?? 

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My tongue needs a massage

How much can I eat?  Let’s see what made me so bloated during the two semis (12:15-5:30): cantaloupe, lox n bagel, 烩饼 (sorry you have to be Beijinger to know), ice cream, wine, kimchi, grapes, cranberry juice, water, beer .. not in that order.  And I finished 1/3 bag of watermelon seeds that I bought for the card game – forgot to serve.  My tongue is in pain now, my lip is dry.  They both need a massage, :)).  After tennis or swimming, I crave spicy and soupy food, especially when the weather is humid. 

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