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Chivalry in cycling

Wow .. Lance Legstrong is going to compete for his 8th in 2009 Tour. He’s one of my favored athletes. I found him to be handsome and inspiring. His stoic look or determination made him all the more appealing. Surprisingly the few comments about his return were rather negative.

I got little inspired and took out my rusty bike for a spin.  Before the summer, I wanted to take it to the shop for maintenance and cleaning.  But never made it.  Have to pump some air into the tires before riding.  Felt so good.  My biking skill is at minimum, given the fact that every Chinese knows how to handle one.  Yishi could knit a scarf while I fumbled with it.  Couple of burly men walked around me when they saw me coming today, 🙂 .. that’s how lousy I’m as a biker.

Always wondered, 1.3b people, not one of them could compete let alone to win the Tour de France ??  China should have asked him to lead or train a Chinese team right after his retirement last year .. ..

I remembered him waited for Ullrich in 2001 (to get back on his bike after a fall ..) and Jan Ullrich waited for Lance in 2003.

“If I would have won this race by taking advantage of someone’s bad luck, then the race was not worth winning.”

Winning the race fair is important. Alberto Contador didn’t in 2010 and took some heat .. well, maybe under different circumstance.

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