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Whom to vote for?

60 Minutes interviewed both candidates.  John McCain looked stiff, like a piece of old furniture and quick to blame the Wall Street executives and SEC, thinks that Andrew Cuomo would be an appropriated replacement of Chris Cox, and that Sarah Palin is ready to be president, ‘absolutely’ was his word.  Mr. McCain has my respect as man’s man, but I have to laugh.  Obama on the other hand, looked intelligent and provided more responsive answers to the questions.  He didn’t blame the WS titans out right.  One thing people should remember, that those executives were installed there to be greedy in the first place.  They work (or on the theory) for the shareholders.  It’s the regulator/government’s job to check them.

Obama is half white, but why his blackness is so prominent on display and much debated?  What about his whiteness?  Can he have Sarah Palin as wife, making my voting decision easier?

What a mess. .. the US-haters are probably laughing too.

Ok, Giants won in OT .. Anthony Kim beat out Sergio Garcia to win the Opening Ryder Cup Singles. Ya, you go Kim!  Go America! I never liked Sergio, found him to be a sour loser.

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