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Lehman and Citi

This was taken on Monday Sept 15, the day Lehman Brothers went down made public.  Will this still be a Citi Field when it completes, or when the first bat strikes the fast ball next season?   Lehman used to be part of Smith Barney.  Smith Barney is part of Citi now.  The IB looks gloomy.  Lehman Brothers’ broker/dealer part is still doing fine, only the investment banking side that’s gone wrong.

Reportedly CEO Dick Fuld turned down a Korean bank’s offer last week – he might consider to have bodyguards 24/7 and even a gun.  What was his reason for the refusal?  The proud Wall Street icon should not rest in the Asians’ hand?  I do remember WS’ reaction when Jap bought Rockefeller back then.  It wasn’t pretty.  Although people like to say the color of money is green.  But I bet there are shades, and your green is sure not the same as mine: -nuances – such as political view/association, religions, race .. all kind of things made the shades.

Now .. it’s a huge global village now anyway. 


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