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Her g/f

Pumpkin’s partner Tiffany is a sophomore who loves to coach, or giving tips. I went down to watch with my camera in hand. Pumpkin told her .. that’s my Mom. Tif waved a hello, said “hi Mom ..” So cute. They were leading 2:0. Then Pumpkin served and lost the game with two doubles. The opposing team won their first serving game. It was 2:2. For a moment, I thought I was distracting them. Then Tif played a very smart serving game; Pumpkin’s forehands were really working .. .. their opponents began to falter. Next thing I knew they won the set 8:2 – first to reach the 8th game wins. Tif has a great serving motion .. .. Pumpkin began to bent her knees too.

After the match, I greeted Tif. She came over and gave me a very firm hand shake. Wow. I like a positive and firm hand shake. Shows your sincerity. I dislike the half assed limpy hand shake, especially from a man – pun intended. Tif seems a really nice girl, who knows what she wants and going after it. Her parents try to discourage her from playing tennis (more time on books) but she took a job and pays for herself. She also got accepted at pre-college division at Julliard for bassoon. A go getter.

They know each other from lacrosse but I think the partnership has made them closer.  I’m grateful for her influence on Pumpkin.  Choosing your friends is very important.

Sharon’s Dad said that one other area’s courts have been renovated already too.  I got to check that one out too.

Is south of LIE a tad hickier or what: last time they played a team from the south and the coach brought a huge bag of junky snakes and they littered the wrappers all over the courts.

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Final Week at Shea

Tuesday night Mets beat Chicago’s Cubs 6 to 2. It was an exciting game. Oddly enough, on a glorious day, the stadium wasn’t packed.  I haven’t been to Shea for a while.  Baseball isn’t my thing, way too slow.  But I enjoy playing baseball or softball, used to play pick up games at Central Park.  That was great.

It’s the final week there.  I couldn’t wait for the area to be fully developed. The Wrigley Field in Chicago is wonderful, the home for Cubs. The streets were closed down during the game. The private homes that have good view of the game are converted to clubs or bars that renting out for parties during the game, with roof top areas.  Golfer often flies over to entertain his clients at one of rented bars.  Regardless of winning or losing, Cubs is able to packed the Wrigley Field every single home game.  Can’t say that about Mets and Shea.  But the Shea area is being renovated or beautified at the moment.  New buildings are coming up.  There will be a park too, I heard.  WTG New York.

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