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Candy Baron

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We had lunch at SF Fishermans Wharf over looking the Golden Gate Bridge. I’m no fan of the bridge. The only time I was impressed was when I kayaked from Jack London Square in Oakland one early morning years ago. My flight was out at 1pm that day and I just discovered an active Kayak shop the day before after lunch there. The friendly proprietor offered to take me out to the bridge if I got there early enough. I couldn’t refuse the offer. Seeing the famed structure underneath was awesome even I was wearing borrowed wetsuit (the proprietor won’t accept my payment either), and even I never thought the bridge worth a second look. It’s the best kayak trip I’ve taken so far. I meant to do it on the Hudson, but yet haven’t .. simply being lazy.

kids in the candy landAfter lunch we wandered into the candy store.
Oh great Mom ..
Now you finally brought us into a candy store ..
My kids teased me.
Ya, I finally had change of heart..
Soften up a lot as I’m getting older ..
Maybe not 🙂
Not really:
This store has great view out to the Golden Gate Bridge ..
I like the decor on the walls ..
It’s not summer yet, yet the line queued long at the cashier’s It gives me headache just to think what it would be like in the height of tourist season ..
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