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All My [adapted] Children

Old Westbury 12:30pmOld Westbury at 12:30pm

Snowed a bit today .. ya right.

From the air wave, one would imagine that the end of the world or something close to happen: everyone’s talking about the impending storm. What’s the big deal? It’s winter and suppose to snow. Correct?

My phone was ringing off the hock since 8:45am. First was my dentist. Errrrrrrrrhhhhhh .. Dr. Rubin wanted to grant me an audience earlier than his girl had scheduled. His office called last night at well past 7pm to inform me that they’re moving my appointment from 12:15pm to 11:45am. Forget about long wait at doctors’ offices, now we’re talkin about 30 minutes. Worth it? It took 5 big minutes to just make an appointment with his office. Don’t know, someone needs a life, or get their act together.
Anyway. My adopted children began to call too. Just to remind the aspiring captains: you’d better have a lot of time before you take on this job. I timed myself once to make an court arrangement: 32 minutes. You call the court and the players. Simple? Not that simple. Players have preferences. Between few venues, there are also players’ availability. I need to have a chat room just for this.
Dr. Rubin was nice today, patiently waited while I was on the phone with my lunatic children who wanted to play tennis.
“You’re going to play tennis this afternoon?!?” Dr. R questioned my sanity.
“Yes, doc.” I replied. Not just me crazy. There are 7 more nuts.
1pmAlley Pond Park on Feb 10 at 12:57pm – not a ski resort, we are going to play tennis
Yesterday I had reserved 2 courts at USTA for 2-4. There were four players signed up. This AM one more player wanted to play. So we needed to get two more warm bodies plus moi: I wan ‘t going to because I had a night game. Thank lord I remembered to call USTA: it’s going to closed in half an hour. So another round of calling, 7 players needed to know the new venue. Then one of them didn’t like this new venue. So we moved to the new new venue. Then a considered soul thought about street parking at this new new venue which wasn’t good during a storm. So we finally settled on the new new new venue. .. Irene needs a life. I’m feeling dumb just writing about this simple affair.

Six of my ACs plus one’s husband made it to the empty courts at 1pm. The highway condition wasn’t good at all. I had Jeep with four wheel drive on but could go only at 40 miles per hour or so with an open road. Very slippery. My daughter begged me to stay home. A bunch of lunatics is all I could say.

As soon as I set up the practice yesterday, few ACs questioned the timing: 2-4 on a weekday. Doesn’t anyone need to make a living?

Work is for people who don’t play tennis, kids!

3:24pmAlley Pond Park on Feb 10 at 3:26pm: the City kept the parking lot relatively clean on this big storm

It’s the interim time, half way through the regular season. I started to have better feel toward my children teammates hence the following rants.

指腹为婚 (in a sense that they arrived as a pair, the love bird): They got me into this in the first place and I now know why: her game has improved tremendously and they, as a team hasn’t lost yet. Did few wondered if Barack Obama run for president just to show off Michelle’s arms? Here you go .. They wanted to showcase her dazzling legs games.

BFFs: I have a pair of vets, one of them I’ve met and played with long time ago. Back then I once asked her to be my partner in a tourney but never heard back from her. Guess I was too weak and clueless 🙂 This time around, she said ok BUT with one condition: a certain ranked partner. Her BFF had a condition too: she would join only if the BFF’s joining. What’s the heck. They’re very experienced in the league play. So, I set out to recruit a specific-ranked-player. So here we’re. So they have been winning thus far.

天成一双: There are two players that are made for each other, in many ways.

ice hockey stuff地成一对: Since the certain-rank scenario I have this set-pair on my team. The recruit, no the Bagman‘s having so much fun that has inspired Golfer to join the ice hockey league. I’d think golfers have too much equipments to play a simple game, you should check out the hockey players – those are not whole set, yet – there are more to come to complete the outfit. Our little maid room used to be occupied by Golfer’s clubs only, now .. ice skate, sticks .. helmet .. gloves .. and between you and me: they are smelly from sweat.

The Secret Weapon: can’t rant on my secret player, sorry. Be aware is all I can tell you.

Shifu: Master of stokes.

The Heartthrob: Everyone on my team are either handsome or beautiful but there’s this particular player who’s just simply so hot that every girl wants to have their time with him. I’m telling you people, no kidding. He played hard to get in the beginning and refused joining the team. Then a lady called on him and he changed his mind. Girls young and old, single and married all wants him. Oh man, I’d better get my act together too 🙂 or putting some make up on.

The Softy .. has gorgeous strokes, with a generous smile .. what would you like to know about my silky? Send in your question. I’ll answer them one by one.

The 远近闻名 Champ: what can I say, I’m just a lucky clam. One day one of my non tennis friends from another planet asked me about someone, it turned out was my champ. It turned out the champ’s well known. Ok, that’s pretty lame. I think I’m running out of juice. Be good kids, till next time…

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The last Monday night in October [27] in 1986 I was awoken from a deep sleep by the mixed sounds of human shouting, car horning, beer cans scorched and bottles throw onto the ground.

World War III? I briefly thought. When I regained my full consciousness, I nixed the war theory. USA doesn’t really have a habit of hosting war on her soil. I listened closely, the human voice was cheers in English, but mostly were Spanish.

I am a good sleeper, soon afterward I felt asleep again. The following when I went to school, I saw the littered streets and the atmosphere was like Mardi Gras, light and festival. Mets had won the World Series, in game 7, the deciding game.

The classroom was filled with excitement and the teacher spent better part of the time talking shops, aka baseball with the student.

I was bewildered.

It was my first education in the capitalism. Sport 101 and Darryl Strawberry who hit a homer in the last game came into my view. He would be forever the Mr. Baseball for me. I soon learned, that the baseballers, and athletes in the major league, namely, football, basketball and a slightly in distance the ice hockey, they make fortune. Their salary is astronomical. I was shocked. How could that be? They are just athletes. In a FOB mind (Fresh off the Boat), the scientists should be making that type of income.

  • Three strikes you’re out
  • Touch down
  • It’s a lay up
  • Slam dunk
  • ..

Sports equate fair. I think the enormous success of sports in USA is because the Americans’ romantic and idealistic view of their country and that of us, the immigrants who came.



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