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How nervous are you before each match?

I don’t feel that I get nerves before a match, and I play it as normal as I normally play. Hmmmm … The other day Feb 11, returning to the Westside tennis club I was bit jumpy. As soon as I sat down, I suddenly felt my knees were going.
Oh sugar, I forgot to bring balls: home team supplies balls.
Think quick. Ha, no worry. I have extra cans in the truck.
Quickly I raced to the car and got an armful of balls.
Oh, sugar. No, we weren’t the home team.
Anxiety. Not me. Ya right.
Paul perhaps sensed something or he never had confident in me, rearranged the line up, pairing me with him in the third. It wasn’t a close match. I’ve been playing lopsided matches except the first one when it was decided in the third set tie break .. but we got a 3:0 lead to start off .. so, it wasn’t a tight match as one would like to have.

#1 Doubles: 3-6, 6-1, 1-0 (10:8)
#2 Doubles: 6-2, 6-2
#3 Doubles: 6-1, 6-2

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Oh Canada ..

Team USA beating Canada 5:3 in ice hockey. YAAAAAAA! It’s preliminary run in Olympics, but still. At tonight’s match, one of my teammates wore a bloody red shirt with Canada printed across the chest. It’s front and center. Cheering for the little bro instead?
Go China
In that order. The rest of the world can fight for whatever the medals those two giants don’t want/care. 🙂

I was amused to see China is doing rather well on ice skates. Did anyone notice that few Asians on the speedy skates are all very girlie looking? They skated pretty dirty and aggressive too.

I felt soooo bad for Shani Davis who only got a silver in 1,500 event. Isn’t he good looking, with great diction?! Tiger shall move aside ..

Ok, back to tennis. The first set went quickly. It began with a bad line call from me: she served to the alley. I thought it was way out. But from the body languages across the net, I knew they thought it was good. Man, that haunted me for the rest of the match. Our opponents were very gracious. That just compounded my guilt. A perfect match to me is no questionable calls.

I had no idea why and how did we loss the second set. I had a double fault that handed over a game and back hand netted that gave the set away at 4. The lady had great serve. I was thinking the whole time why hadn’t I take that into consideration when I called her serve out in the beginning?

During the 3rd set tie break, I asked my partner .. please just don’t abandon me. I didn’t think I could play against 3. He didn’t, thanked lord – in spite of few times he wasn’t pleased with my play. What else is new? Irene’s trying to get everything by jumping, reaching and backtracking, etc. After the match was over, Paul told me how/why we lost the second set: I was standing in the middle. Doesn’t Wai always tell me to stand there? Guess tonight I didn’t play with Wai. Not making an excuse but shows I have no clue.
Wah was sitting at the first doubles court by the entrance. He later told me that as our opponents were leaving, they sported such huge grins and were very bubbly he thought that they had won.

#1 Doubles: 4-6, 1-6
#2 Doubles: 7-6, 4-3
#3 Doubles: 6-2, 4-6, 1-0 (10:6)

P.S. I just watched world atp tour’s the Regions Morgan Keegan Championships in Memphis this past weekend on TV: John Isner lost to Sam Querrey 6:3 in the third set. At award ceremony, little John slowly walked over and instantly drowned everyone in his presence, one would or could appreciates his 6’9″ frame truly. On court alone all by himself doesn’t show that much. Anyway. I thought about last night: our first doubles team had to face off with a huge guy who’s tall, speedy, lefty, moves well and runs fast. And with a booming lethal serve. He was the captain and when we exchanged our sheets, my neck hurt from looking up at him 🙂

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