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Ski incident

Years ago in Poconos, Pennsylvania, I was skiing down a mountain trail designated for novices. It was very relaxing watching the trees, the other slopes, and that village at the horizon’s edge drift by like movie stills, frame by frame. However, I was interrupted when one of the kids skiing in front of me stumbled and fell. To avoid crashing, I swerved… into a ditch.

I twisted my left knee.

Ouch, it hurt.

My twisted left knee would be in pain for the next two months, doctor visits and MRIs  notwithstanding. Nothing was broken but my limp just refused to go away and it even compromised my back because of my newly acquired walking gait. The doctor sent me to the third MRI. My back was in such severe pain that I could not lay peacefully for even five minutes.
I began to worry.
It was a miserable three months. I could not play tennis. I could not swim. Desperate to get my normal life back, finally I went to a TCM – traditional Chinese medicine. Up till that moment, my mind set had it that TCM was in the territory with the barefoot doctor. The barefoot doctors were mostly farmers with minimal medical training who worked in the countryside in China. Seriously, who on earth would want to visit a TCM? I have been blessed with good health and could always swim off or tennis off headache, cold and other illness. When I was in Beijing, only the old or the terminally ill who had exhausted all other options went to the TMC.
As miracle would happen in life, after a couple of visits to a TCM in New York, my back pain was gone. My limp disappeared. And soon, I was back on court and in the pool like nothing had happened before.

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