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J-Lin is gone.
I don’t like basketball but would watch if Jeromy Lin plays. I don’t like to admit there are racists because it makes me feel small. Perhaps certain race think they own the game, which to a point it’s true…but they don’t like to see an educated kid who doesn’t have an abusive childhood, etc to outshine or what? Lin’s fans are not only Asians. Scrutinize his 3 yr 25 mil is ridiculous when so many other underperformers having more ridiculous contracts.

I wouldn’t be surprised if few mates on the team pressed the owner … ?? In any case, I want to add: I watch Lin not because he’s Chinese. I’d watch even he’s purple or orange. I watched because he’s gracious and charismatic, and his academic pedigree doesn’t hurt either. The fact he excited us, he lift the big apple, gave us hope .. Patrick Ewing got paid handsomely but watching him is like watching a coal fueled locomotive in the bullet train era. And forget not, he brought us no ring.

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