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Cinderella goes to final

July 25, 2012: Cinderella goes to final

Jenn and I played the 2D. (pix on FB) They won the toss and opt to receive. Of course Irene goes to serve and promptly lost it. We were trailing 0-2 and Jenn held hers after many deuces. We took first set 6-4 eventually. We once again, trailing 2-5 in the second set despite we encouraged each other to hold on and finish the job without going into the third set. When I was serving 40-15 at 5:5, I failed to win that game. I saw both our (1D and 3D) courts lost. We were able to come back to force a tie break but lost.
During the first set, there was a long good lob that landed on or near the baseline. Steph was up front by the net and she yelled: OUT. Her partner was at the baseline and returned it. We eventually lost that point. I think Steph should have said “bounce” instead. It should have been our point right after she yelled it out. I didn’t argue because should they want to dispute, I don’t have rule book with me: the league should allow the electronic version on rule book.
I began the 3rd set tie break and lost the point immediately. Sight. There were many players watching, friends and foes. When we were 4-4, I hit a backhand down the line swing valley and it kissed the line. None of us heard the girl

watermelon .. anyone?

in red called it out. Stephanie said nothing. After we changed court, the red shirt said 5-4. Jenn and I looked at each other, said, “No, it’s 4-5.” The red shirt came to our side of the court, pointed out that she has called it out.
It was NOT out.
But it’s their call. So they were serving at 5-4.
Jenn has been playing so well and hard, I really don’t have heart to lose this match. They reached the match point first, at 9-7. Then we won three points in a row and got match point at 10-9, Jenn to serve. They hit a return that went long.
I was very happy that finally I did something for the team.
Many have asked me if I knew ours is the deciding match. I said no but I had the feeling that it is .. because I knew we already lost 2 courts. Few mates commented that they’d like to play such match. I agree. The pressure and triumphs, is what makes this league play interesting.
Thank you guys for being there for us!!
It feels great!! More pix on FB

Jenn’s recollection:

I was serving at 10-9 and took my time. We were down at 8-9 with opponent serving. They lost the match point, the energy and the believe. We won 3 points in a roll to get into the FINAL.

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