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Our last match

It’s a glorious July Sunday. We finally get to meet the last member of our team who came from Seattle for the match, C, welcome.
I’ve to confess: upon enter the low ceilinged club house, I spotted a girl who’s bit older than I thought and, well, not very attractive (to my eyes only), so I thought to myself, oh well, at least she’s young and won all her matches .. Just then, our mate introduced a sparkling and bubbly girl with a gorgeous smile. What a relief -:). Ok, pls keep this just between you and me.

Alley Pond, July 22, 2012, 9th match

One of our opponents was looking for a team to join in early June and her current captain asked me IF we’d like to take her (she couldn’t due to 30% rule), the only condition was I won’t play her when we are facing each other. I said yes, gladly. At the time, we were short players for our 6/15 match too. But after few days, and few emails later, her current captain called me on 6/17, to say, she joined her team instead. They got around the 30% rule by unassigned a player.

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