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Ciao Cinderella

the last court to finish

Our run has just ended tonight. We have a big cheer for going this far! Could not have done it without the pretty women on our team. Big hearty thank you for being part of this first time team. I feel very privileged to hobnob with you for a season.
Jenn and I played 3D (in playoffs, first/second/third do NOT matter, each court worth 1 point). They won the toss – yes, we had one umpire, and opted to receive. I served first. Early in the match I was running down a shot to the right corner. When I called it out, our opponents jumped to the net asking if I was out of my mind. Ok, no, they were polite and asked if I was sure. I was sure before that. I did not reverse the call, but it did bother me throughout the match. Later there was a call that we felt was wrong. Then one by Jenn they did not like .. So I suggested to the girl crossed the net,

Mr Line

“Maybe we should get a line person?”
She replied politely, “that’s a good idea.”
Neither of us acted on it.
During the second set, Jenn served wide to the ad court. It was close. She hesitated and ultimately failed to return. They looked at each other and just shrugged: she could have called it out. It just reaffirms most players are honest and fair. We won 6-3, 6-2, I think our lobs made the difference. Thanks to Simon, even he has shifted his love to Jenn -:). Also big thanks to Ralph who drilled us on Friday and Monday. It gives me a lot of confidence.

we’ve great time .. thanks girls

Oh, after the warm up, Jenn went to Ralph to the protest of our opponents. It appeared to be, as coaching. Jenn’s right wrist has been hurting and Ralph has been trying to be helpful. (My back has been hurting too, so Ralph gave me some sticky pads to use.) After she parted from Ralph – I think something is happening other than tennis .. -:) I told her please, please please pretty, do not do it again, regardless what you’ve been talking about. During a match, I wanted to hand camera to a friend, so I asked my opponent if I could do so. She said fine and offered to take picture for us. This may avoid some unnecessary ill feelings.

July 31, 2012 @ NTC: the Final

Many friends and foes came to cheer us up. The most jaw dropping moment of the night is when a husband who has come to my home for dinner couple of times walked by me without a greeting. Yes, I could have said hello .. .. but I didn’t because I wanted to see what is he made of. I always consider men in general are just more worldly than women. Guest Mommy Eng is always wrong -:)

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