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When I’ve too much time …

I don’t think the phase senior moment applies to me any more because I’m in that zone permanently.

Tonight’s match time was at 8:00 but for some reason, I remembered it as 8:30. So here’s what I did leading up to a late arrival:

Finishing up a Pilate class at 6:30. Went home and cooked spaghetti for my better half – can’t fault me to being a good wife -:). Thinking there’s plenty time, actually a lot I decided to grocery shopping. After paying for a few items that I didn’t really need, on my way out of the supermarket I saw this cookie sitting pretty. St. Patrick’s Day is coming up, my mates and I can enjoy it before the match. So this senior went back in, waited online all over again.

the little cookies that almost ..

the little cookies that almost ..

There was a little traffic on the highway. So I took out the phone to call a friend. Then I saw the message from Wai.
“Where are you?” He demanded.
“On Grand Central..”
“You’re on Court 7.” He said.
What court 7!? Aren’t you guys at the lounge waiting? Suddenly a chill set in ..
Did I mess up the match time?
I sure did.
After hung up, within a minute or two, the cute little gas tank indicator light up. I was running out of gas.
How convenient.
How fortunate.

Heart attack started to form. Wait, my heart is made of stone. Immune to it. Lucky me.

Making the story short, I raced to the club in a record time without running down anyone, and sprinted on to the court. The minute arm of the white shabby clock was only a fraction above the horizontal position. Phew.

Our court has a missing player. The opposing captain explained that

.. She was running late because of a personal issue and informed us that she would not be able to get there until at least 8:30, but possibly later. We told her that anything after 15 minutes would result in a forfeit, so if it was a problem she shouldn’t show up…

Not sure this is the right way to handle the lateness. Where’s consideration for other three players? However the missing player’s partner told me that she messed up days, thought it’s this Sunday.

After the match, Jenn berated me: “Arrival 15 minutes before the match is still too late for a captain…” Okay miss, I hear you. Will improve next time.

We parted nicely after the match but a little disagreement via emails followed the following day. I asked the coordinator how to handle the lateness when I about to enter the scores – maybe the opposing captain wanted to put someone else in that forfeit spot? But the captain wasn’t pleased, took it the wrong way and protested that I was late too. Better way to handle this, perhaps to email the opposing captain directly.

A little issue on names, not a big deal:

Its meredith wilson 4.0 or meredith brady wilson im not sure why i thought it was baxter

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