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The hand paddles

Thursday, 2/28/2013 at 11:21am

Thursday, 2/28/2013 @ 11:21am

The parking lot at Great Neck’s Equinox.

A nice sunny day, I walked to the club. The parking there is always hectic. At near noon, this is considered mild. One of the chatters in the locker room is on parking. A few complained:
“What’s the point of calling me to join when the parking is so difficult?”
“I’m paying so much I don’t want to park across the street” .. don’t know there is a parking lot across the street, unless they’re buying the lot by the park.
It’s annoying that I need to spend more time parking than driving there.

Feb 27, 2013

Feb 27, 2013

Yesterday I shared the middle lane with the mandarin ducks. They were there when I arrived. Yes, the bald one asked me to swim elsewhere. Funny, they never wear caps. Yes, there was overly aggressive passes; and soon they began to use the hand paddles/swim hand fins, which was pretty scary, given the large size.
Should they ban the hand paddle altogether?

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A dispute

the score card

the score card

This morning I got an email from the coordinator asking for confirmation on a disputed score of the match I entered last night:
This is according to this score card.

But the opponent insisted it’s:
Without consulting with my teammates, I ok’ed:

on iPhone app

on iPhone app

1. it’s not curial
2. don’t want to waste anyone’s time unnecessarily

I hope this is not going to bite me in the future.

A couple of teammates asked about it after seeing it. They are as bewildered as I am.
“What’s the point?”

Well, the disputer may feel:

on usta league site fm my laptop

on usta site fm my laptop

May truth trumps all?
At any cost? It would involve
.. his captain needs to write an email ..
.. I need to reply ..
.. the coordinator needs to actually make the correction

All worth a while?

Well, beauty worthiness is in the eye of the beholder

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Just finished watching Glenn Close’s Damages, got Wai’s text. Congratulations to his mens 4.0:

We just beat undefeated Derman 4-1 matches (18-4 pts) it was tough. Derman told me the 3D girl cried all night yest.

Derman 7.0 3D lost to us the night before (2/27), after took the first set at 0; we won the match 10-7 in the third. Our Manhattan team advanced to the semi, playing this Saturday.

The players make a team, and I’m definitely the most fortunate captain in the league because of you. I’ve fun thus far, my game has improved, I meet friends, enjoying the camaraderie, and we make the playoff all the time (except once). I’m grateful, thank you. There are 20+ years veteran captains who never made into playoffs.

At the very beginning of tv show Damages, when Glenn Close’s character Patty Hewes recruits an associates Ellen Parsons, the interview falls on Ellen’s sister’s wedding day. Ellen chooses to attend the wedding. Patty goes to the party, uninvited, to deliver “you got the job”. At a later season episode when Patty recruits another female associate, when asked what if the interview falls on her wedding day, her reply’s “I’ll come to the interview”. If you must know, she’s hired but shortly after receives .. you’re fired.

Ok, this is a fiction. But life has many unexpected turns, as in fiction. Some predictable, like our regular season matches, come out early so you can plan accordingly. Some aren’t, like the playoffs dates, which always determined at time that’s very close to it, leaving little maneuver space. I’m sure there are players who cancel their prior commitments to play but I’d rather treat the league play as the league play, recreational and secondary, or thirdly.

A few thoughts on the upcoming playoffs (..Schenectady 5/31 – 6/2):

Regular season matches are out early that allows planning but the post season schedule isn’t. Derman 7.0 has 9-1 record, we’re the wild card. When I began to assemble the semi lineup for this Saturday I found out, just on my girls side:
One is going to Atlanta
One to Hong Kong
One to Chicago
One to Houston …
(I’m talking abot availability here, tennis should always be your hobby.)

My 2 cents is:
– you can have a great team but lose easily in playoffs due to (one of the reasons) unavailability of the mates
– you can have a strong lineup but still lose due to complacency (I think .. ), etc.
– you can hand out a bagel (esp in the first set) but still lose in the tie break (our Saturday opponent’s 2D also received a bagel but won in 3rd)

We always sail through the regular season easily. The competition kicks up in the playoffs, and because it’s single elimination, the stake is high. Jerry kept reminding me during our win two nights ago after getting a bagel in the first set:

Treat every point as the big point.

He’s so right. Treat every game/match as the deciding game/match. Jerry played brilliantly, and it’s motivated me to dig myself out of that un-competitive dark hole. Thanks partner.


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