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You’ve some nerve ..

I teamed up with a 3.5 guy vs 4.0 and an unrated guy who’s 3.5~4.0. They won the toss and opted to serve.
1-3: I lost my serve.
It was a great match, my partner and I played really well – yes, I remembered to turn to the side to hit. Soon we caught up to 5-5.
5-7: I lost my serve again and we lost the set.
During the change over, the 4.0 said to me,
“.. .. we should have beat you at 2 ..”
I agreed.
-:) don’t think I’m overly competitive.
Just then, my partner walked by and heard, and disagreed loudly:
“You’ve some nerve to say that ..” He’s continuously walking toward the baseline and talking ..
“It’s great tennis we just played .. ” He said to me.
“We played a while back.. .. you were so bad .. ” He said to the 4.0.
We stopped at 2-2 due to time.

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