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The only loss of the season; some interesting score cards

Our first loss came on Feb 8’s rescheduled match that’s played on March 4th, and it was two courts only. We lost 1D in the third set tie break, won 2D and forfeited the 3D. Do the paper plates as score card look familiar? Pix on FB

Mar 4, 2013 at Westside

Mar 4, 2013 at Westside

~~ Some interesting lineup sheets ~~

The Queens final, April 21, 2013
The wrong name, Mar 13, 2013
The Manhattan final, Mar 3, 2013
The Manhattan quarter final, Feb 27
No score card, Jan 22, 2013
A sponsor, Nov 12, 2012
A paper plate, Mar 28, 2011
From London to Paris, Feb 4, 2010

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The parking lot

The parking at the Great Neck Equinox club is terrible. I spend more time getting into the parking lot, looking for a spot and finally park, takes longer than my actual driving there. My back has been tender, maybe it’s time to quit?

Monday, 9:55am on March 4, 2013:





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