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Different point of view ..

One of the mates was close to 20 minutes late – we forfeited 3D. The opposing team captain who played 2D wrote to me after last night’s match

.. .. there was a gentleman watching the 1st double match from your team who interrupted the tiebreak, walked on the court to correct the players, who were not doing things wrong. That is against the rules and disruptive to our players. Please let them know not to do that in the future.

This is from my player:

We were in 2nd set, 2nd game, the man served. He walked in and said the lady should be serving. I think he must be still very sick L, but we resumed the game right away. I know he shouldn’t do that, he knows he shouldn’t do that, but I didn’t think its such a big deal to send an email afterwards, I still think its tedious especially we didn’t go by the regulation and make him (1D) start the match right after he walks in late.

Apparently each one remembered the detail differently. I wasn’t there, couldn’t verify.  My solution? Stick to the rules. If someone’s late, there isn’t a need to grant a full 15 min warm up.

There was an incidence in 2nd set, we were up 2-0, I was serving at 40-30, I served to the lady, the guy called it out then reversed the call and said it’s a good serve, that’s play over the point. I think we should win that point if the opponent made a wrong call, correct?

Yes, it was our point, and here is the rule: #12 on page 3 (or 47).

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Queens 7.0, Div II

The 2013 Qns

Date Weekday Time Location Home Team Opp Team

  1. January 13, Sun 6:00 PM, Westside Tennis Club, Ragione, 3-0
  2. January 16, Wed 9:00 PM, National Tennis Center, Dunn, 3-0
  3. January 24, Thu 8:00 PM, National Tennis Center, Acevedo, 3-0
  4. February 22, Fri 8:00 PM, National Tennis Center; 2.5-0.5
  5. February 25, Mon 8:30 PM, Westside Tennis Club; 2-1
  6. March 01, Fri 8:30 PM, Westside Tennis Club vs Avila, 3-0
  7. Mar 4, Mon 8:30 PM, Westside Tennis Club, Avila 1-2
  8. March 13, Wed 8:00 PM, Westside Tennis Club, Tracy 2-1
  9. March 20, Wed 9:00 PM, National Tennis Center, Regione, 3-0
  10. April 3, Wed 8:00 PM, Westside Tennis Club, vs Dunn 2-1

Both divisions: Div 1 teams and points; and Div II teams and points

Local playoffs at NTC:
April 20, semi, 5:30pm vs Huttner, 2-1
April 21, final, 6:00pm vs Lawrence/Hurley, 2-1

The Metro playoff: May 5 at NTC, at 12:30, 0-3

The regional playoffs at NTC on May 5, at 12:30pm

Divisions of 4-7 teams (each team plays every other team in their flight a minimum of two times during the regular season) will send the top two teams to playoffs.

Tentative Playoff Dates:

  • District playoffs: tbd – April (National Tennis Center)
  • Regional Playoffs: May (National Tennis Center)
  • Eastern Section Championships: May 31 – June 2, 2013 in Schenectady
  • National 18 & Over Mixed Doubles: tbd
winning Queens 7.0, April 21, 2013

winning Queens 7.0, April 21, 2013

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Her first match

I’ve a college senior on the team: a tall girl from New Jersey. She’s friend of a teammate who has been playing with us since the summer. She lives in downtown and would make to Long Island for practice. The devotion is huge. After the match, she texted me, saying they
won 7-5, 6-3.

I’m very happy for her, and congratulated her. It’s a tough match especially the first set, it could have gone the other way. But then my other teammates reported the scores: the 3D is a default. Because one of mates was more than 15 minutes late. Given the 1.5 hour of time frame and controllable of your own action, arriving late really sucks and unfair to three other players.

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The team that made the National but didn’t go

A killer team, they:

  • started the season with seven 3.0, eight 3.5 and five 4.0
  • had a perfect season: swept nine matches (out of 12)
  • won 5-0 in the Eastern playoff

However, they didn’t go to the National. 10 players got bumped, and the captain was DQ’ed:
March 2 2012

  • 3 from 3.0 -> 3.5 (year-end)
  • 4 from 3.5 -> 4.0
  • 1 from 4.0 -> 4.5
  • 2 from 3.0 -> 4.0

I’m wondering why this March 2 match did not revert the court win to the opponent? The Dec 2, 2011 match – with the same DQ’ed player – the opposing team has the win. I don’t know if the opponent had won the match out right or was awarded after the DQ.

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Friends with benefits

It’s really a learning experience when I began to organize season courts and practices. I had winter group in the past, with mostly my neighbors, it was rather easy. But this season it’s NOT. To make the season I ended up having a few players whom I know but don’t know: knew them on court but never dealt with them off the court before.

Due to Sandy, we have a few make up sessions. One group re-scheduled on three Sundays and since I wasn’t there, they wondered if I’m short changing them with balls. I really thanked him for bring this to my attention. And

When I asked them to switch to Bay so we could have more courts at the same time for our teammates in Dec and Feb, the group leader finally got back to me after nearly a week, and demanded: ” .. what benefit will we be getting for switching? You know I’m fine but some my mates may asking, or they may even think that I’m getting some benefit from you personally .. ”

I’m really really speechless .. and kind of angry .. so I told him: no problem if you are NOT willing to accommodate. I’m asking is because I think we’re friends and I get you guys a good deal for the season. Of course I did not forget to thank him for taking the courts in a timely fashion so we could all have a season.

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Another situation ..

Situation, situation.

We could have swept:
1D: 6-1, 6-2
2D: 6-3, 6-4
3D: 4-6, 6-4, 8-8

According to my 3D mates, there were only two shots being played: at 8-8, the opposing team’s girl was serving to Dan. After he returned her serve, the opposing guy’s exact words:
Oops I’m sorry”
.. while the girl continually played, hitting it down the line for a winner. .. while my girl has stopped playing when she heard an ‘out’ call.

I wasn’t there, but the little I know, if one calls OUT and the partner says IN, then it’s opponent’s point.

I think the argument is moot, even if we got the call, we never finished tiebreaker.  It wasn’t the winning point.

The coordinator instructed:

Just enter the first two sets and put timed match so we clearly see the tie and split the points.

We actually had time to finished the match.

Unless it is discussed before the match, matches are a 2 hour limit. You can play matches to completion but must discuss and agree to it BEFORE the match starts.

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Another first: availability vs willingness. The lineup went out at 8:44 P.M. and less than an hour, a player on the lineup wrote:

12/3/2012, 9:12 P.M.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to play in the match.  I sprained my back and according to the chiropractor, I will be out for the next 2-3 weeks.  So sorry about that!  I updated my availability online.

Then yesterday a fellow skipper sent out the weekly practice that has me on the list. This morning the same player with sprained back signed up:

12/7, 9:22 A.M.

I’m in for either time. Thanks!

It didn’t sit well with me. Since I’m short of players, so I asked this player if tonight’s match a possibility?

12/7, 9:36 A.M.

For the match? I can play in the match tonight. Got the okay to play from my doctor.

I’ve to say that over the seasons, starting from the very first, I never have to face a partial lineup, nor needed to send out repeat appeals for filling a line up.


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I’m an official sissy now

I’ve always considered joining a gym is kind of, sissy. Ok, gym rats, no need to throw eggs or rocks at me – I are not bright most of the time – just became a member today. A first.

For the past two weeks my back hurts to a point that I can’t play tennis. This is serious. After a week long trial membership at Equinox in November, they sent me a promotion offer on Dec 6: no initiation fee ($150) plus first month free ($150), I jumped on it, to strengthen my core muscle, or whatever/wherever needed to be enhanced. At signing (yes, signing a contract!), the first month free is a lie because their billing cycle starts on 23 of the month.

Dec 11, 2012

Dec 11, 2012

My observations:

  1. most people there are in shape.
  2. all the women in the yoga/Pilate class can do push ups. Are you kidding? I could not do a single one. Never done it, can not lah in the future
  3. although I’m flexible enough to do the basic, I’m lagging behind on more difficult posts/positions.
  4. I can not keep up in the cardio exercise class

.. and I’m thinking they’re sissy ..

Dec 11, 2012; the private Pilate studio

Dec 11, 2012; the private Pilate studio

One of friends who is a gym rat told me that

As we get older, our body becomes more fragile. Not much you can do about that trend…. Given that, we can tolerate better exercises where the motions are predictable (like Yoga, Pilate, weight, machine, stair master….). And we become more vulnerable to exercise with unpredictable motions like any ball sports.

Dec 10: took their EquFit assessment (the 2nd in 2016). It’s their way to get you into Personal Training program which cost $100 – $130 an hour (Tier I $100 to Tier III+ $130). I probably will just stick to my swimming then yoga or Pilate. I have no interest to do machines or getting on the treadmill. I’m just wondering how much does a medical doctor make nowadays.

Dec 12: took the one hour Pilate training. It too, sells packages, $85 an hour ($55 duet session). They were very accommodating: I called the day before asking if 7:30 am would work. Yes it’s. The girl was on time and gave me an full hour of training.


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Julie Chu

A little Chinese girl who made USA ice hockey history – Her 284 career points is tops in NCAA history

Position: Forward
Height: 5-8 (174)
Weight: 147 (67)
Birthdate: 3/13/82
Hometown: Fairfield, Conn.
College Team: Harvard Univ.

Another Harvard grad after Jeromy Lin?

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Long Island Inter-Club Tennis League rules



PURPOSE: To promote competitive tennis in a friendly, honest sportsmanlike and fair manner in a league structure in conjunction and with the approval of USTA/Eastern.


The officers of the Long Island Inter-club Tennis League (LIITL) shall consist

of a President, Vice President for promotion, Secretary and Treasurer.

The officers along with such persons named by the President, and approved by the Board shall comprise the Board of Directors. The maximum membership of the Board shall be set at seven members and the minimum shall be set at five members. Each member of the Board of Directors shall have an equal vote and a simple majority shall constitute a quorum with the president voting only in the event of a tie.

Board members shall serve at the pleasure of the Board. Board members who miss two consecutive meetings of the Board and who fail to notify the Board prior to the meetings missed that they will be absent, will be considered inactive members. The President or a member of the Board designated by the President, will contact the inactive member to determine whether such member wishes to continue serving. If an inactive member indicates a desire to continue serving on the Board, he or she must be reaffirmed as a member by a simple majority of the entire Board. If an inactive member wishes to cease serving as a member of the Board, the President will declare the seat open at the next meeting. New members will be decided upon by recommendation, voted on by existing Board members with the majority deciding.

The President shall preside over all Board of Directors meetings and general membership meetings, be empowered to call and conduct special meetings, act as a representative of LIITL at USTA/Eastern, USTA, or other meetings where his or her presence would benefit the aims and objectives of LIITL, form new committees as needed and appoint committee chairpersons as he or she sees fit.

The Vice President for Promotion shall be responsible for all public relations functions and along with the Coordinator shall be directly involved in promoting USTA Tennis League play by corresponding with all clubs on Long Island and inviting and encouraging them to participate.

The secretary shall be responsible for taking and keeping the minutes of all Board of Directors and general meetings and shall handle all official correspondence of LIITL.

The Treasurer shall be responsible for preparing an annual budget no later than February 15 each year and shall report at each Board of Directors meeting on the current financial condition of LIITL. He or she will be responsible for paying the bills under the direction of the LIITL Board, and along with the Vice President be empowered to sign checks drawn on the LIITL account.

The Coordinator will be a person or organization who is compensated for his or her efforts in an amount to be determined and agreed upon by LIITL and such persons or organization.

The Coordinator shall be responsible for organization, promotion, record keeping and other such duties as will be assigned by either the Board of Directors or the Vice President of Operations. The Coordinator can also be the President of LIITL if voted on by the majority of the Board.

The Coordinator will continue as such as long as he or she maintains the confidence of a majority of the Board of Directors.

An Advisory Board shall be established with the privilege of attending all

Board meetings in a non-voting capacity. The presence or absence of a member of the Advisory Board will have no effect on the number of Board members necessary to constitute a quorum. The membership of the Advisory Board shall be comprised of all past Presidents and such other persons who have contributed to the development of the league as the Board sees fit to appoint.


Grievance Committee: A grievance committee of at least three persons shall

be appointed by the President and shall include a chairperson. Such committee shall be responsible for enforcing in local league competition, the Rules of Tennis, the USTA Constitution, By-Laws and Standing Orders, the USTA League Regulations, Eastern Rules and Regulations, THE Long Island League rules and the Standards of Conduct, Fair Play and Good Sportsmanship developed by the USTA, Eastern and LIITL.

All grievances must be submitted in writing by the captain of the grieving team to the USTA/ LIITL coordinator. It must be delivered (fax, email, etc) or post marked within 48 hours of the match in question or it will not be considered and will be returned. In order for a grievance to be valid, it must state specific rules within the LIITL By-Laws that have been broken and be accompanied with a $25.00 filing fee. If your grievance is denied, the filing fee will not be returned. If the grievance is granted, the fee will be returned. A grievance that is not accompanied by the $25.00 filing fee with be returned to you unsettled. The form to file a grievance can be found on the standings web site.(LITENNSISCORES.Com)

The Grievance Committee Action: Within 48 hours after the receipt of a grievance from the team captain, the USTA/LIITL Coordinator will notify the Grievance Committee. As soon as reasonable an investigation of the alleged violation will occur. If the committee deems necessary and appropriate it will arrange for a hearing at which the parties involved must make themselves available to present evidence. The grievance committee shall have the power to dismiss the complaint or to enforce the correction of any violation by reasonable means, including the suspension of a player or team from further participation in the USTA Tennis League for that year. The Grievance Committee will deliver a written decision setting forth the basis for its ruling.

Appeals: Any party to the complaint may appeal the decision of the Grievance Committee within three days after the date of such decision or prior to the next level of competition or whichever occurs first. All appeals shall be in writing and shall be filed in accordance with the Eastern Rules and Regulations.

If a player has two or more written grievances submitted regarding bad line calls or poor sportsmanship, it may result in a suspension after due consideration by the Grievance Committee. This will also require a $25.00 filing fee. If the player gets more than one complaint filed and that player ends up with a suspension, the fee will be returned.

Promotional Committee: The Promotional Committee shall be chaired by the Vice President of Promotions and shall have the responsibility for all public relations and publicity with the direct intention of increasing the number of participants in USTA League Tennis.

Charter, By-Laws and Rules Committee:
This committee shall consist of the President, Grievance Committee chairperson, League Coordinator and such other persons as the President sees fit to appoint. The committee shall be chaired by the President. The purpose of the committee will be to, on a regular basis, review, evaluate, and propose changes to the existing Charter, By-Laws, and Rules of LIITL.


Board of Director meetings shall be necessary with a minimum of one

meeting a year in November. The purpose of the November meeting shall be to evaluate the performance of the USTA

Tennis League during the previous league season and to prepare for the upcoming season along with the implementation of rules passed down from the USTA/Eastern Rules Committee meeting in October.

Captains meetings shall take place once a year.


USTA Tennis League may consist of any or all of the following divisions:

18& Over League, 40 & Over League, 55 & Over League, 18 & Over Mixed Doubles League, 40 & Over Mixed Doubles League, and the Tri Level League

The 18 & Over League shall consist of teams at the 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 and 5.0+ levels. 5.0 teams may have two players at a 5.5 level on the team. As this is a three court match, only one 5.5 player may play in each match and it must be at the 1st singles or 1st doubles position. The 40& Over League shall consist of teams at the 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 and 4.5+ levels. 4.5 teams may have two players with a 5.0 rating. As this is a five court match, both players may play in the same match but can only play in the 1st singles and 1st doubles positions.

The 55 & over along with the 18 & Over Mixed Doubles and the 40 & Over Mixed Doubles divisions are a combination of both players ratings. The levels are 6.0 and below, 7.0 and below, 8.0 and below, 9.0 and below, and 10.0 and below.

Tri Level League shall consist of three courts of doubles with one at the 3.5 level, one at the 4.0 level and one at the and 4.5 level. Players may only play up one level and of the two players on each court, one must be on level.


A. All teams may have as their home club either an indoor or outdoor facility with no less than five courts available at the same time for 18 & Over and 40 & Over matches and three courts for 2.5, 5.0+ levels, along with the 18 & Over Mixed, 40 & Over Mixed and tri level matches. In cases of inclement weather or other conditions inhibiting outdoor play, play is suspended when either player feels conditions are unsafe. Players should then wait one half hour in order to determine if play can continue. If both captains agree, this half hour can be suspended. Players, together must record and initial the exact score on paper when play is stopped. Each court must make arrangements with the same players to resume and complete the match within one week. If a time can not be agreed upon, the match will be set up by the coordinator with 72 hours notice. If either player can not make the time set by the coordinator, that player will forfeit the match. The last two weeks of the season an indoor facility must be available no later than one hour after the original scheduled match time or from when the match had to be stopped. All courts having to be moved indoors must be available within an hour of when stopped. Visiting teams must be prepared to extend the time allotted for their match by one hour in cases where matches must be moved indoors. More than one indoor facility may be used. If an indoor facility is not available, the coordinator may set a new date and time for the match with 24 hour notice or call a default against the home team.

B. All clubs must be located in what is currently known as the Long Island Region of the Eastern Section of the United States Tennis Association and must be current members of the USTA. Each club must pay an annual fee in order to be eligible to participate. The fee for the first year of USTA/LIITL Tennis League play (1986) is $50.00. The annual fee in future years will be determined by the Board of Directors at its November meeting. Each club may have as many participating teams as it can field on each level of play providing there is no scheduling conflict.


A. All members of a team must be members of the USTA throughout the season of league play including all District, Regional, Sectional and National Championships. Each team member must register on Tennislink, have a current USTA membership, enter a rating after honestly filling out the questionnaire required.

B. Each player shall have reached the age of 18 years during the calendar year of the season being played for the 18 & Over, reached 40 years of age for the 40 & Over and 55 years of age for the 55 & Over League All players must be computer rated to play in the Tri Level League.

C. Adult teams must have a minimum of eight players and a maximum of eighteen. Seventy five percent of the players on the roster must be in level. The remainder of the team (25%) may be at a lower level (playing up). 55 & Over, and both Mixed Doubles League teams must have a minimum of 6 players with a maximum of 18. The 2.5 and 5.0 divisions must have a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 12. The 75% on level rule applies. Teams that disregard this rule will have the last “under level” player removed from the roster by the league coordinator. The 75% rule can be suspended at the discretion of the LIITL Board depending on circumstances.

D. A player may only play up one level above their self rated rating or computer rating.

E. An individual may play on more then one team at the same level provided that teams do not play each other during the local season. A player may only play on one of those teams at the same level once flight playoffs begin. The 18 & Over, 40 & Over, 55 & Over, 18 & Over Mixed, 40 & Over Mixed and Tri Level are different leagues.

F. Each team shall have a team captain who shall be responsible for making sure all team players have registered for the team. At the time of registration all players must furnish their USTA number or join, have a N.T.R.P rating or enter their self rating after filling out the questionaire, and pay the roster fee. If anyone plays a match before being registered they will be considered ineligible and at the coordinators discretion, all courts may be given to your opponent. It is up to the captain to check their rosters before playing players.

G. Team captains are responsible for making sure that every team member is completly aware of the USTA/LIITL rules and that payment for court time is arranged prior to the start of the match. Participating clubs are entitled to payment without complication. The fees for indoor court use shall be uniform at all participating clubs and shall be established by the Board of Directors for each season prior to the commencement of league play. Outdoor facilities may charge less then the fee set by the league but may not charge more.

H. There must be a minimum of two teams at any level in order for that level to continue.

I. A player may be added or dropped from the roster no later than June 15th or the date specified in the captains packet and at the captains meeting. A player may not be removed from a roster after June 15th or once they have played a match. A player requesting to be moved from one roster to another must do so in an email to the league coordinator with the captain they are leaving and the captain they are joining, copied on that email. If due to injuries, or personal emergency, a team roster drops below the minimum required players, the team may request from the Board of Directors an exemption from this rule. Such a request will be acted upon by either a meeting of the Board of Directors or by an email poll within one week of when the request was made to the LIITL Coordinator. If due to a player being disqualified from your team, you may only add a player if your team roster drops below 12 for 18 & Over and 40 & Over leagues and 8 for the 2.5, 5.0 levels, 55 & Over, 18 & Over Mixed and 40 & Over Mixed divisions. Any player that is approved to be added to a roster subsequent to June 15th must be computer rated.

J. Each player participating shall be assessed an annual membership fee per roster spot. The amount of said players fee shall be set by the Board of Directors.


New Players

A. Based on the N.T.R.P Rating System, new players will self rate themselves at the level they feel they will be competitive with the understanding that if they under rate themselves, they can be disqualified from playing at that level during the season based on the computer results. When self rating there is a questionnaire that must be filled out completely and honestly. If, based on your answers, you are not permitted to sign up for the desired level, you can appeal the given rating with the USTA/Eastern office. Anyone not filling out the information honestly, will lose all matches played.

Current Players

A. You must check your rating online by going to It is your responsibility to check your rating each season. There will not be any other means of notification.

A rating for a player 59 years old and under is in effect for three years.

For players 60 and over, a rating is in effect for two years.


A. All league play shall follow the rules and regulations as set forth by the

LIITL/USTA Tennis League.

B. Scoring will be as follows: first two sets are played with conventional scoring. A 12 point tie break will be played at 6 all. In the event of the two sets being split, you will then play a super tie break….the first one to ten by a margin of two, in place of a third set.

C. The home team must supply an unopened can of USTA approved balls for each individual match.

D. 18 & Over and 40 & Over league matches will consist of two courts of singles and three courts of doubles at the 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 and 4.5 levels. Matches at the 2.5 and 5.0 level will consist of one court of singles and two courts of doubles. 55 & Over, 18 & Over Mixed Doubles, 40 & Over Mixed Doubles and Tri Level matches will consist of three courts of doubles.

E. The LIITL league coordinator and his or her committee will provide a schedule of play to each captain no later than one week before the first scheduled team match.

F. For all matches, BOTH captains must confirm the date and time of the match which will be posted on the USTA site. If a match time is changed from what is on the site, the computer administrator must be notified so the site can be updated.

G. If both teams find it impossible to play during their scheduled week, a match may be rescheduled at a time agreeable to both captains. Matches may not however be rescheduled more than two weeks after their original week of play nor may matches once rescheduled be postponed a second time. If neither team can make the originally scheduled date and time, and an alternative can not be agreed upon, the Coordinator will set a day and time for the match, within the guideline and will be final. Failure to comply will result in a forfeiture of the match.

H. For matches that begin on time, warm up is limited to ten minutes, including service warm up. All service practice must be taken prior to the start of the match. Team captains are responsible for making certain that all matches start promptly. For matches that begin less than ten minutes late, a full warm up period is permitted. For matches more than ten minutes late in starting, warm up is limited to 5 minutes.

I. Captains are expected to have their players present 10 minutes before match time and it is strongly suggested that another team member know the line up for the match in case the captain is detained. At least five minutes before match time, even if all players have not yet arrived, scorecards should be filled out and simultaneously exchanged. Once exchanged a scorecard can only be changed in the event of a player getting ill or injured during warm up. In this case, the only change made is the rostered team player that goes in the place of the ill or injured player. .

Defaults: If a team member is not yet present that is playing doubles, all effected doubles teams should extend their ten minute warm up to fifteen minutes (the default time). If at the 15 minute default time that player is still not present, that player and their partner are moved to the third doubles court with the other doubles positions moving up. Example: The missing player was on first doubles, the missing player and the partner written on the scorecard are moved to third doubles with the 2nd doubles moving to 1st and the 3rd moving to 2nd. No other changes are permitted by either team. If the missing player is from 2nd doubles, 1st doubles can start their match after the 10 minute warm up as they will not be effected while 2nd and 3rd doubles will warm up for an additional 5 minutes. 2nd singles must be defaulted before 1st singles with the same sequence of events to be followed as described for the doubles courts.

J. Both captains must record the scores of each individual match and the team match and must sign both scorecards after ascertaining that the names and scores are correctly entered. Please circle the winning players for each court.

K. At the conclusion of all matches, it is the home team captains responsibility to enter the scores on Tennislink within 24 hours. If this is not done, your team will be penalized 4 points in 22 point matches, 2 points in 9 point matches and 1 point in 5 point matches, at the discretion of the coordinator. The visiting team must confirm that the scores were put in properly within 48 hours of the match. This rule will be strictly enforced. Any input mistakes must be emailed to the computer administrator with the opposing team captain copied, within one week of the match. Changes will not be made if notification is more than one week after the match

L. Two hours per match will be allowed from the scheduled starting time. In cases of inclement weather or other conditions affecting play on outdoor courts, please refer to rule V-A. If courts are available and both teams agree PRIOR to the start of the match, matches can be played to completion. Courts must be available for ALL courts being played in that match. If time runs out and the super tie break was not begun, the winner of that court will be figured by total games won on that court. In the event that total games are tied, the points will be split on that court. If the super tie break was started but not completed, the person ahead in that tie break will receive one additional game when figuring total games won to determine that courts winner.

M. In order to determine eligibility for Championships, please refer to National USTA/Eastern rules.

N. Default and Retirement – In cases where a match is not completed due to default or retirement of one player, the player remaining on court will be awarded all games necessary to conclude the match if play had continued and the player remaining had won every subsequent game.

O. Injury Time Outs – If an injury occurs during play, the injured player must be ready to resume play in four minutes. If this player can not continue play after the four minute injury time out, the opposing team is entitled to declare the match a retirement

P. Bathroom Breaks – are permitted and should be taken on a change over, however, in timed matches, breaks are NOT permitted in the last ten minutes of a timed match and can result in a forfeiture.

Q. Forfeit- A team may forfeit up to two courts in a five court match and one in a three court match, however the following must be followed:

Singles: the #2 singles must be forfeited before the #1 singles.

Doubles: the #3 doubles must be forfeited before the #2 and #1.

R. In five court matches, three courts must be played for it to be a valid match. In three court matches, two courts must be played to be a valid match.

S. When forfeiting courts the forfeiting team must contact the club where the courts for that match are booked and cancel the court or courts at least 24 hours in advance. If the court is forfeited with less than 24 hour notice and the court has not been resold, the forfeiting team is responsible for the full payment of that court provided the court was not used by the opposing teams players. They would then just be responsible for their share. Clubs are entitled to this payment and this is strictly enforced.



U. Team captain or co captain must be on the roster of the team they are captaining.

V. Ineligible Players: In all matches in which ineligible players participate,

that player will be banned from league play for the remainder of the season, and at the discretion of the coordinator, that team may forfeit all points for all courts. The playing of an ineligible player for the second time constitutes a forfeiture of all matches for the season and the entire team will be banned for the remainder of the season. Ineligible players are:

players that are not USTA members

players playing below their computer rating

Players who have not been approved to play at their teams level of play

Players who do not appear on the team roster or who have not paid a roster fee.

Players who play under assumed names.

Players giving incomplete of false information when self rating.


A. The courts will be weighedin the 18 & Over and the 40 & Over Leagues. The point system for

The 3.0-4.5 divisions is as follows:

1st singles 5 points

2nd singles 4 points

1st doubles 6 points

2nd doubles 4 points

3rd doubles 3 points

B. For the 2.5, 5.0 divisions the weighing of courts will be as follows:

1st singles 2 points

1st doubles 2 point

2nd doubles 1 point

C. For the 55 & Over League and the 18 & Over Mixed and the 40 & Over Mixed, the weighing of courts will be as follows:

1st doubles 4 points

2nd doubles 3 points

3rd doubles 2 points

D. Your team will be awarded the number of points won based on the courts

won. The scoring will be cumulative from match to match. The team with

the most total points at the end of the season will be that divisions winner.

In the event of a tie the following procedures will break the tie:

winner of the most matches.

The winner of the most individual courts.

Least sets lost (complete sets)

Least games lost

E. For the Tri Level League, the winner is determined by number of courts won in a match. There is no point system in the Tri Level league. The team winning two or more courts will receive one point. In the event of a tie on any one court, the tie will be broken by figuring least sets lost in the entire match and then least games lost.


A. All players participating in the USTA Tennis League as a condition of

their participation, agree to abide by and be bound by the USTA Constitution, By-Laws, Standing Orders, the USTA League Regulations, the Eastern Rules and Regulations, the LIITL Constitution, By-Laws, Standing Orders and the Standards of Conduct, Fair Play and Good Sportsmanship.

B. All Players participating in the USTA Tennis League, as a condition of

their participation, agree for themselves, their executors, administrators, heirs and personal representatives, that all claims of every kind, nature, and description are waived, including past, present and future claims, if any, for injuries sustained in traveling to or from participating in a Long Island Inter Club Tennis League Program, as against its officers, committees and employees.

C. The Honor Code of Ethics is prepared with the philosophy that todays

opponent is tomorrows tennis friend. To assure that end, this code should be used as a guideline during match play.

D. The league coordinator with the approval of the sectional grievance

committee has the right to suspend the playing privileges of a captain, player or team whose behavior has been disruptive and/or found to be not in compliance with the regulations.

E. Courtesy:

1. The game of tennis depends upon courtesy and fairness.

Hosting teams should extend themselves to provide pleasant conditions for their guests. Water should be available on each court, and rest room facilities must be provided. Above all, treat visiting teams like friends.

Guest teams should be courteous and friendly, supporting the hosts efforts at providing a pleasant atmosphere.

2. Friends, Coaches, Children & Parents:

3. Friends, coaches, children and parents are not permitted on the court

at any time during a match.

4. Spectators or coaches may not volunteer advice on line calls, scoring

or the conduct of the match.

5. Service of a linesman may not be used at any time.

G. Conduct of Players: (the following is not grievable and should be handled at

the time of occurance)

1. The highest type of sportsmanship is expected from every player.

2. Since there will be no umpire, you must call all balls as if you were a linesman, except that any doubt must be resolved in the favor of your opponent.

3. It is your obligation to help your opponent make a call WHEN YOUR HELP IS REQUESTED ONLY.

4. Do not enlist the aid of a spectator in making calls.

5. Before each point, it is the servers responsibility to call the score loud enough as to be audible to your opponent.

6. Calls of OUT and LET must be made instantly and must be sufficiently loud enough as to be audible to your opponents. A delay in making a call implies that the ball was not clearly seen and therefore is GOOD.

In doubles, if one partner calls the ball OUT and the other partner calls the ball GOOD, then it is the opponents point since doubt has been raised.

7. When the first service is obviously out, it is discourteous to return it across the net.

8. Never try to take advantage of an opponent by serving before he or she is ready. Your opponent may ask for a let if you quick serve. However, if either he or she, either hits the ball or tries to hit it, he or she can no longer call a LET.

9. You must volunteer honestly against yourself such violations as double bounces, ball touching your body or clothing, touching the net, reaching over the net, etc.

10. In doubles, any conversation between partners while the ball is moving towards their opponents side of the net is taboo; once either you or your partner has hit the ball, don’t say anything until your opponent has hit the ball.

11. Cell phones should be turned off during matches. It is rude and inconsiderate and can be considered delay of the game.

H. USTA Regulations specifically PROHIBIT the following:

1. Loud, abusive, or profane language, racquet throwing or slamming of


2. Stalling: There will be continuous play. No strolling to the net to use

towels or to get a sip of water or to rest between points. This is done on changeovers ONLY.

3. Making a comedy of the match, whether winning or losing.

4. Coaching or outside distractions – this does not include cheering or clapping, as long as its done in the spirit of fairness and good sportsmanship.

5. Cheating – the golden rule of tennis is that every player calls balls and acts in such a manner on his or her side of the net as he or she would like his or her opponent to do so on their side of the net.

6. Intentional waving of a racquet or arms or making distracting noises

7. Foot Faults – A person who unknowingly foot faults is taking advantage of his or her opponents. The person who knowingly foot faults is cheating.


This constitution and By-Laws may be amended at any special or regular

Meeting of the LIITL Board of Directors as long as notification was given to all Board members at least three days prior to the meeting.

These are the Long Island USTA League rules. Anything not covered in these rules,

you then refer to the Eastern Tennis Association League rules which can be found on

the following web site: If something is still not covered,

you lastly, refer to the USTA rules which can be found on; The Long

Island rules are always the first set of rules to be checked for local play.

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